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Announcements ie. Stuff you Should Read

Public Talk: Jan Edler, realities:united


Thursday March 10, 4:30-6:30 pm
Tribute Communities Recital Hall
Accolade East

Jan Edler has been working at the intersection between art, architecture and technology since 1997. In 2000, he established his Berlin-based studio realities:united with his twin brother, Tim Edler. The studio has gained international recognition for both initiating and realizing hybrid interactive installations at an architectural and/or urban scale. Within that scope the brothers’ focus of interest lies in the development of operational strategies between art, design, architecture and technological research. In his talk, Jan Edler will provide insights on their projects, successes and failures.
realities:united has produced interaction skins for buildings such as the Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria and ILUMA in Singapore as well as media installations in Copenhagen, Seoul and New York. The studio has been commissioned to create an art installation for the TTC’s new Steeles West subway station (designed by British “starchitect” Will Alsop) to be located just north of York University’s Keele campus and slated to open in 2015.

This lecture is made possible with support from the Department of Visual Arts, the Department of Design, and the Faculty of Fine Arts

Next Class- Feb 15

Please remember to bring:
  1. magazines - for cutting up
  2. exacto knife - sharper the better
  3. ruler - straight edge guide

Project 1 Checklist

  • make sure all your sketches are complete - don't forget to comment your code!
  • uploaded to Open Processing and embedded in the wiki
  • complete feedback as part of your Participation grade
  • also update your Activity Log (items, dates, links) to all of your wiki contributions (including feedback)
  • complete Feedback by Friday Jan 28 ... don't forget
  • all exercises need to be complete and ready for final submission next class Tues Feb 1

File Management on the Wiki

When you creating new pages, make sure to give them unique names. A good convention to follow is use your first and last name as a prefix. eg. Fred Derf Project One. In that way we don't have all pages called "Project One" that end up replacing each other.

Same goes for uploading files (.jpg, ,pdf, .png, etc). Make sure you give each one of them a unique name or we will have many symmetrical.png that will replace each other. Your colleagues will not be pleased! So try using your first initial and last name as a prefix eg. fderf_symmetrical.png