RBG6 is a directing duo from Sweden. The majority of Lars Ohlin and Joel Nordstrom work consists of live-action and mixed media. They are a known for their works on LEGO and Target.
The site is very minimalistic and requires at most 1-3 clicks to take you where you need to go. Their home page displays thumbnails of their films and has a huge emphasis on the work. The menu bar consists of only a few buttons and do not distract the user from the works at all. The thumbnails seem to be arranged in a very strong grid system and the color palette does not take away dominance from the works. The thumbnails also include a rollover to indicate to the user that it is a button. The site is also so simple to use that there is no need of a site map.
Overall I find this site to be very well done because it is simple, clean, and direct. Looking over the site, there is nothing I would change about it. Admittedly, I’ve seen this website a few weeks prior the final project and I’ve based much of my interface from this website. The works in the site itself are very inspiring. When watching them, the words whimsical and playful come to mind.
Faith is a site from our very own Paul Sych. The site displays many of Sych’s work and is complete with a short history and contact info.
The site is very simple. Equipped with a very simple navigation and rollovers make the site very user friendly. Like many professional design sites, this one also puts a huge emphasis on works. In comparison to the small text the images captures the attention of the user yet the text is still readable enough to navigate. The site also has a grid system though the use of the text makes it less obvious.
I really enjoy the use of white space in this site. I also like how the text is aligned to the left side of the images. They almost create a shape of their own and create a very interesting asymmetrical shape. This was another site that I based my project 3 on. Like RBG6 I found this site several weeks prior to the final project and it has been stuck on my mind since.