Open Processing

Open Processing is a website to share your Processing sketches and see what others are doing. In particular it serves the educational community as a gathering point for classrooms that are learning Processing. Another advantage is the ability to create a personal portfolio of sketches that are easily maintained and updated. You can also embed the active Processing sketches into other websites, blogs and wikis.

Embedding your Processing Sketch to a Project Page via Open Processing

In Open Processing

  1. Go to and register for an account and login
  2. Use your full name as your login
  3. Click 'upload from processing'
  4. Follow the instructions (enter a title, export your sketch, compress your applet folder as a zip file, upload)
  5. Save it to your portfolio and add a thumbnail
  6. Add it to the classroom - Interactivity 1, Winter 2011, York University
  7. Click the Embed link
  8. Copy the code that appears
  9. Go to our wikispace

In Wikispaces

  1. Click Edit this page on your Project 1 page
  2. Place the cursor where you would like your sketch to appear
  3. Click Widget
  4. Click Other HTML (first column, last link)
  5. Paste the Embed code from Open Processing
  6. Click dialog box's Save button
  7. Click Save in the page edit menu bar