Content List
  • This site is made to showcase my work coming through a beginner if HTML/CSS and Processing
  • It is show the viewer my progression of my skills in this class and my creative side with my designs
  • The type of person I would market this website for would be a more sophisticated crowd who appreciates a modern look on art and design
  • These type of people usually like a clean and crisp look with neutral colours that compliment with one main colour
  • These type of people usually like websites to easy to use but the navigation is done in a creative way
  • My inspiration for this website came from Marc Ecko's website
  • The layout will be the same: with the header on top, using frames as links for the pictures centred in the page under the header
  • The pictures will link to the content area surrounding my name and a photograph of myself, and the footer will be on the bottom of the page
  • There will be a standard black frame of the pictures with a baroque outlie and all of the photographs will be in black and white
  • However, the rollover will be the writing going to bold
  • The content will include a main page with links to: "About Me", "Work", "Contact Me", "Home", and "Back
  • The "Home" page will have links to the three linking pages, as well as pictures of me in a hierarchal way
  • The "About Me" page will have four links: a biography, a resume, and future endeavours
  • The "Work Page" will have two links: one to project one and the other to project two (those links will showcase my work like a gallery)
  • The "Contact Me" page will have my email leaving room for comments and input on my work

Site Map

"Home Page" Interface

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"About Me" Interface

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